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31- Rigorists and Laxists


In the aftermath of the Decian Persecution, two factions emerge over the issue of the lapsed. The laxists favor leniency and reconciliation, while the rigorists consider apostasy the unforgivable sin. The result of this divide are schisms which threaten the unity of Christian Church…

The History of the Papacy Podcast by Stephen Guerra


Pope Cornelius and Cyprian PD-US


Pope Cornelius of Rome, PD-US

Gallus- Antonianus

Antoninianus of Trebonianus Gallus PD-US

30- The Decian Persecution


In 250 A.D., the Roman Emperor Decius unleashed the first empire wide persecution of Christianity


Decius, PD-US


Aureus of Decius

Aureus of Decius


Libellus from Egypt


Libellus from Egypt

July 2016 Update



An update on the show for July 2016

29- Dionysius and Cyprian


We introduce the two principal Christian leaders during the mid-third century, Dionysius of Alexandria and Cyprian of Carthage…

Cyprian of Carthage

Cyprian of Carthage

Dionysius of Alexandria

Dionysius of Alexandria PD-US

28- Origen’s Legacy


We conclude our discussion of Origen of Alexandria by first looking at his refutation of the pagan critic Celsus, followed by a discussion of Origen’s highly influential and controversial legacy within Christianity…

A public domain translation of Contra Celsum can be found in volume 4 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers Series

For more up to date translation, see Henry Chadwick’s Origen: Contra Celsum

27- Origen: The Later Years


In the later years of his life, Origen would continue in his role as presbyter and professor at Caesarea, while also combating heretics in Arabia, intervening in Church councils, writing to the Roman emperor and empress, and authoring one of the most important apologetic works in the early church.

26- Origen at Caesarea


We continue the story of Origen by looking at his life in his new home of Caesarea Palestine as a both a presbyter and a teacher of a Christian academy. Among his students were famous men such as Firmilian of Cappadocia and Gregory the Wonder Worker…

  • Caesarea Maritima, Palestine
  • Neocaesarea, Pontus
  • Caesarea Mazaca/Eusebia, Cappadocia
Origen at the Library of Caesarea PD-US

Origen at the Library of Caesarea

Gregory of Neocaesarea PD-US

Gregory of Neocaesarea

Firmilian of Caesarea Mazaca

Firmilian of Caesarea Mazaca