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iTunes Reviews Feedback

February 8, 2019

Hello listeners,

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to rate and review the podcast on iTunes. These really help the show gain more subscribers and I hope more listeners keep posting their reviews.

I have also received some excellent constructive criticism from the iTunes reviewers which I’d like to address here. Early on I had tendency to smack my lips a lot which I know put some people off. Eventually I plan to go back and re-record those early episodes, but in the meantime I will go back and cut out, as much as possible, all those annoying instances where I smacked my lips.

Another constructive criticism has been my narration which, especially early on, I know was slow and stilted. I do hope my narration has improved over the course of the show and I will certainly keep striving to make my recordings more engaging and pleasing to listen to.

Finally one reviewer pointed out an issue with the Bonus episodes which I’m extremely grateful was brought to my attention. The reviewer pointed out how I have habit of exchanging some banter with the guest over aspects of Church history and theology which listeners may not be familiar with. I take full responsibility for this failing and I’m glad to have been aware of it. The bonus episodes are something new that I’m trying and I hope they improve as the show continues. Part of the fun is the excitement of talking Church history with fellow podcasters. As you might imagine not too many people in my day-to-day life share this passion and enthusiasm for the subject. However in my excitement I realize now I forgot you dear listeners, who as the show’s audience should always be my first priority when producing content. In the future I will be more conscientious and make sure I provide you with any and all necessary context and background for discussions between myself and a guest.

I want to thank all you listeners and I hope you feel that I have taken your feedback seriously.



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  1. Chris Belmonte permalink

    Please fix your audio. Its very low and only in one ear. Your podcast is great but recent episodes are painful to listen to because of the audio.

    • Thank you Chris. Will do. Is it just the interview episodes or are you experiencing the same issues with episode “43- God and Christ”?

  2. Susan Patterson permalink

    I find these podcasts very helpful and interesting. Given they, like grace, are freely given, I think that we should all give thanks.

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