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January 2019 Update

January 8, 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. First off my apologies for the lack of new episodes these past few months. My living and financial situation has changed and so I’ve had to some to “economic restructuring” so to speak. Fear not though, I’m still committed and able to continuing this podcast. I want to thank everyone for their continued feedback and support. For those of you I’ve been late on getting back to I want extend a further apology. I will make certain I respond to every listener ASAP. Now onto the more exciting stuff. This month I will release 3 new episodes, 2 of which are bonus episodes to boot! Also, my grad school load is going to be lighter this semester which means I’ll have more time to work on the show. These non-narrative “First Three Centuries” series episodes do require quite a bit more research to complete than even I initially anticipated. So hopefully my academic respite will make it easier to finish these episodes so we can get get to the Q&A and return to the narrative.

Thanks again listeners for all your support! 

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  1. mehmet permalink

    Dear Terry,

    Nice to see you back.. I am waiting for the new episodes with excitement!!

  2. Hi Terry,

    Good to hear from you! Best wishes to you too.Looking forward to the new episodes.

  3. Lennart Lundbom permalink

    I am so happy I found this podcast. I’m from Sweden, the country many refer to as the most secular country in the world. Sad to say, I think it’s true. I’ve been interested in church history since way back, and listening to you is such a joy. I learn something new from every episode, and it’s interesting that you often refer to other sources than just the bible. Amazing pod. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

    • Thank you Lennart, thank you for supporting the show! I’m glad to see the podcast has listeners from Sweden. Stay tuned for the three new upcoming episodes this month!

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