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36 – Zenobia’s Bishop

October 3, 2017


Despite newfound peace, in the 260s A.D., theological controversies sprang up in the Great Church. First between Rome and Alexandria, and then around the infamous bishop of Antioch, Paul of Samosata. A series of events which would eventually culminate in the first intervention of a Roman emperor in Church affairs…

Links about Dionysius of Rome

Links about Paul of Samosata

Links about Aurelian

Links about Zenobia

Links about Christmas and December 25th





Zenobia overlooking Palmyra





The Roman Empire at the height of the Crisis of the Third Century (Palmyrene Empire in yellow). From the Penguin Atlas of Ancient Rome

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  1. Robert permalink

    Another great episode! I was worried when I didn’t see the podcast posted on Monday! I appreciated your helpful take on the Christians’ appeal to Rome (and the tie in with St. Paul).

  2. Thanks Robert! I’ve found that bi-weekly Monday evenings work best for me. I glad you found my take on the Church of Antioch’s appeal to Aurelian helpful. A fascinating episode not often discussed.

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