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35 – The Little Peace of the Church

September 18, 2017

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In 260 A.D. the Roman Emperor Gallienus recognized Christianity as a lawful religion, ushering in a forty year period of unprecedented peace and prosperity for the Church.



The best discussion of Gallienus’ legalization of Christianity can be found in T.D. Barnes’ Early Christian Hagiography and Roman History 97-105. Bellow I’ve reproduced Barne’s translation of Gallienus’ rescript to the Egyptian bishops:


Imperator Caesar Publius Licinius Gallienus Pius Felix Augustus to Dionysius, Pinnas, Demetrius and the other bishops.

I have ordered that the benefits conferred by my gift should be spread throughout the whole world, so that they withdraw from the places of worship. Consequently you too can also use the ruling in my prescript so that no-one harasses you. This was granted by me long ago, as far as it is possible to be fulfilled by you, and therefore Aurelius Quirinius, the magister summae rei, will observce the ruling given by me. (HE 7.13)


Links about persons discussed:

Gallienus Augustus


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  1. Robert permalink

    Glad to have you back. I enjoyed this podcast. Thanks for making us aware of the little peace!

    • Thanks for sticking with the show Robert! Yeah, its amazing how unknown Gallienus’ legalization and the little peace are, even among people familiar with Church history.

  2. mehmet permalink

    So nice to see a new episode!! Thanks for all the hours you’ve spent for this podcast, it is really apreciated..

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