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Update Summer 2017

July 2, 2017


Update on the podcast for Summer 2017.


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  1. mehmet permalink

    As for the “listener’s requests”, let me list whatever pops into my mind in no particular order 🙂

    I’d very much like if the logos christology is discussed to its full extent. What was its weak points, why it is abandoned, and by what it is replaced?

    There are two expressions which, in my opinion, describes the essence of christology
    1. He become man so that man can became god..
    2. What is unassumed is unsaved..
    If, at some point, we discuss what is meant by these expressions, it will be great..

    During the arian controversy, there is a very interesting guy with the name Marcellus of Ancyra.. He proposed a third model of trinity, in competition with Arius’s and Athanasius’s models.. But he is usually neglected in the standard histories of the period. It would be super nice if he is covered..

    Evagrius Ponticus and especially his book kephalaia gnostica.. This book is very hard, but it will be great if it is discussed..

    Nestorian controversy!!! Its theoretical background is extremely hard to understand. But as it made half of the late antique meditterranean attack to the other half, obviously something extremely important was at stake.. Something that eludes me.. If the podcast digs into its theology, rather than personalities&events, it will be of great service..

    One important point is that Nestorius is perceived as the “bad guy” and his theology is never fully discussed.. If Cyril is given 50 pages, Nestorius barely gets one.. And this one page is there only to make us understand Cyril better. A more even-handed approach in which Nestorian theology is investigated for its own sake will be appreciated.. Esp. the differences between Nestorius and his teacher Theodore of Mopsuestia will be great..

    BTW, I think AD 451 is extremely early to end the podcast. Aftermath of Chalcedon, with all its tremors, must also be covered.. I think the best date to stop is AD 787, ie, the end of the iconaclastic controversy..


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